Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fresh ProTech®?

Fresh ProTech® is the trademarked name used by Fresh Tech Solutions, LLC to brand its innovative and proprietary

What is Fresh ProTech® Plus?

Fresh ProTech® Plus combines the use of our MAP and CA technologies with the use of Ozone; a highly effective

What is Controlled Atmosphere Storage?

Controlled Atmosphere (CA) storage is used to extend the storage life of perishable products.

What is Modified Atmosphere Packaging?

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MA or MAP) entails changing the atmosphere surrounding the product within a package

Why use Fresh ProTech®?

Extending shelf life and controlling decay of perishable goods has always been a concern for growers, processors,

What are the Fresh ProTech® Atmospheres made of?

Fresh ProTech® Atmospheres are made up of Nitrogen (N2), Oxygen (O2), and Carbon Dioxide (CO2), which are all

Can Fresh ProTech® Atmospheres be used for organic products?

Yes, because Nitrogen (N2), Oxygen (O2), and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) are basic natural elements or compounds

Where can I find a full copy of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for ProTech® Atmospheres?

Please contact us directly for a copy of the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). Fresh ProTech® Modified and

How does Fresh Tech assure the right atmosphere treatment and level of CO2 is injected into the Fresh ProTech® pallet enclosure?

Fresh Tech Solutions has incorporated modern gas analyzing technology into each of the Fresh ProTech®

What about other competing technologies?

Innovations have made Fresh ProTech® and Fresh ProTech® Plus the new technical leaders in Modified Atmosphere

What economics justify the use of Fresh ProTech®?

Using Fresh ProTech® and Fresh ProTech® Plus improves the shelf life of perishables, which reduces shrink at retail;

Why should I use Fresh ProTech® atmospheres and the Gas N Go MAP System for berries?

Fresh ProTech® systems and atmospheres preserve and protect the quality of your berries from the shipping

Is the Fresh ProTech® Gas 'N Go® Pallet system a benefit to my food safety program?

Yes, the Fresh ProTech® atmospheres and Gas 'N Go® MAP process were designed to protect and preserve products

When do I remove the Fresh ProTech® pallet enclosure?

Please remove the pallet enclosure upon arrival at the DC. This will help avoid condensation caused by any

Does the benefit of the Fresh ProTech® Gas 'N Go® MAP Pallet process last after the pallet enclosure is opened?

YES. Studies have shown there is a lasting benefit when berries are treated with the Fresh ProTech® or Fresh

Why do products that have been shipped with CO2 sometimes have an off flavor?

Occasionally, a "carbonated flavor" will be noticed in products that have been shipped with CO2. This is

How are Fresh ProTech® Controlled Atmosphere Systems different than other CA options?

Traditional CA rooms are large, extremely costly and do not give you the same flexibility as the Fresh ProTech®

Gas 'N Go Systems

Deliver accurate commodity specific atmosphere and sanitizing treatments into MAP pallet enclosures

Vac 'N Pac Systems

Provide vacuum infusion treatments in conjunction with a modified atmosphere packaging process

Plug 'N Play Systems

Offer both modified and controlled atmosphere options for storing pallets in a low cost and flexible manner

Chamber Systems

Afford very reliable CA storage solutions using modular chambers inside of exiting facilities


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