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Why should I use Fresh ProTech??® atmospheres and the Gas N Go MAP System for berries?

Fresh ProTech??® systems and atmospheres preserve and protect the quality of your berries from the shipping point all the way through retail distribution and sale. The Fresh ProTech??® MAP technology works by slowing the product's respiration and retards the development of postharvest decay (typically a wet, leaky, and moldy condition) when used in conjunction with proper cold chain management. The Fresh ProTech??® MAP technology has also been effective at reducing dehydration (weight loss) during refrigerated storage and transport which helps maintain the fresh picked appearance of berries for consumers.

The use of Fresh ProTech??® atmospheres (high carbon dioxide treatment) has been scientifically proven to reduce shrink (see technology and benefits page) compared to berries not treated and shipped with atmosphere. Additionally, the use of Fresh ProTech??® Plus (our atmosphere mix plus sanitizer) has been shown to reduce gray mold development (botrytis) even more than CO2 atmosphere alone. All products that use Fresh ProTech??® MAP systems are sealed in at the source (shipping point) and the atmosphere is maintained inside the pallet enclosure during refrigerated distribution. This means with Fresh ProTech??® Plus, consumers get better berries and buyers can reduce shrink even more than older MAP technologies utilizing CO2 alone, depending on the initial condition of the berry.

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Gas 'N Go Systems

Deliver accurate commodity specific atmosphere and sanitizing treatments into MAP pallet enclosures

Vac 'N Pac Systems

Provide vacuum infusion treatments in conjunction with a modified atmosphere packaging process

Plug 'N Play Systems

Offer both modified and controlled atmosphere options for storing pallets in a low cost and flexible manner

Chamber Systems

Afford very reliable CA storage solutions using modular chambers inside of exiting facilities


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