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Can Fresh ProTech????® Atmospheres be used for organic products?

Yes, because Nitrogen (N2), Oxygen (O2), and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) are basic natural elements or compounds they have been accepted by the USDA and allowed for use on organically farmed products provided they are of food grade quality. The Fresh ProTech????® (CO2) Atmosphere has been submitted for review by the Organic Materials Review Institute (Omri) and is in the approval process.
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Gas 'N Go Systems

Deliver accurate commodity specific atmosphere and sanitizing treatments into MAP pallet enclosures

Vac 'N Pac Systems

Provide vacuum infusion treatments in conjunction with a modified atmosphere packaging process

Plug 'N Play Systems

Offer both modified and controlled atmosphere options for storing pallets in a low cost and flexible manner

Chamber Systems

Afford very reliable CA storage solutions using modular chambers inside of exiting facilities


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