Licensing and Partnerships

Joint Venture Partnership (with) Master License

In a joint venture partnership, we work with partners to build and jointly own the Fresh ProTech® Gas 'N Go®, Plug 'N Play®, Vac 'N Pac™and CA Chamber equipment. Partners must have the ability to help fabricate systems, or have the ability to manage local system installations for customers in the geographic areas served. Designing, planning, and implementation are all keys to the success of the business model and Fresh Tech helps each partner with every phase of the process to ensure ultimate success. Along with the joint ownership of the equipment under a master license agreement, both partners share the revenues that come from each of those machines licensed for use to local customers. In order to truly benefit from this business model, partners must have dedicated technicians, sales and support resources readily available in their region. As with master licenses, we offer partnerships by IP use, industry and geographic location.

Inquiring about Obtaining an IP License or Partnership

To learn more about becoming a licensee or joint venture partner, please fill out the form below:

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If you are interested in inquiring about an Intellectual Property or Patent License from Fresh Tech Solutions, please send or email us a non-confidential description of your business and business plan(s) for the patents/processes/systems you are interested in licensing to the address below (in the absence of a written NDA executed by Fresh Tech Solutions any unsolicited materials provided to us shall be deemed non-confidential and in the public domain):

Fresh Tech Solutions, LLC
1961 Main Street #223
Watsonville, California 95076

Note: Fresh Tech Solutions reserves the right, at any time without notice, to stop granting IP or patent licenses in one or more fields and to change the terms under which new licenses are granted.


Gas 'N Go Systems

Deliver accurate commodity specific atmosphere and sanitizing treatments into MAP pallet enclosures

Vac 'N Pac Systems

Provide vacuum infusion treatments in conjunction with a modified atmosphere packaging process

Plug 'N Play Systems

Offer both modified and controlled atmosphere options for storing pallets in a low cost and flexible manner

Chamber Systems

Afford very reliable CA storage solutions using modular chambers inside of exiting facilities


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